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    Our Web site secures your private information using a Secure SSL Certificate. Information exchanged with any address beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before transmission. We utilize the most advanced and current security systems available today on the Internet via our host. We have been verified as the owner or operator of the Web site located at www.uhitattooproducts.com. This site's cart scrambles your credit card and personal information so no one outside our system can read or access it. Once we receive your information, we keep your data on a closed network and credit card data is not stored.

    All information provided to the Company by customers will be held in the strictest confidence, and the Company has taken all such steps it deems reasonably necessary or appropriate to protect against improper or unauthorized access thereto. In no event will any such information so provided be sold or otherwise used by the Company for any purpose other than as may be directly related to the conduct of business between the Company and such customer.